Castlevania Online

Castlevania online is a video games series, created by Konami company. The first game of the series was released in Japan under the name "Demon Castle Dracula" for consoles "Famicom Disk System" (FDS) and MSX 2 in 1986. Though the MSX 2 port of this game was released outside Japan (in Europe and Brazil it was named Vampire Killer), it didn't attract much attention of the players. And only when in 1987 a FDS version of the game was converted for NES console and localized in North America and Europe under the name "Castlevania", it gained world fame. The game plunged into the atmosphere of gothis, horror and mystery. In future it became a standard for the whole series.

Castlevania game has become one of the most lasting and long-living series of Konami.

You can play Castlevania classic directly on this page.

Left mouse button to start the game. Then use arrows, Space and Ctrl to play Castlevania Online.